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Victoria Mason is a jewellery designer whose love of stories is the drive behind her designs. For over 25 years she’s been making jewellery and small sculptures, observing how jewellery is worn & how we communicate through it. Her love of people is obvious and what brings them joy is her constant inquiry.

“If you choose to add more things to the world, try to make them useful, beautiful and well made. We live our lives in a state of busy-ness barely slowing down at times, fearful of the silence. Is it advisable to maintain this pace or can we sometimes allow the quietness in, just for a few minutes a day, to re-calibrate our emotions?”

Victoria has amassed a collection of powerful designs over the years, which tap into those quieter feelings that resonate with many people. Working in jewellery & small sculpture has allowed her to tell stories through objects, to remind us of times in our own lives that allowed for more introspection, more considered observation. Sometimes the most complex ideas can be distilled into a simple shape or spark of a memory & this is what Victoria’s work allows us to do. The balance between beauty & function has been realised through years of studying both the technical side & the emotional resonance of jewellery. It is through keen observation skills & an ability to translate those feelings into objects that results in a body of work that is meaningful to so many people.

In 2019 she opened the studio and gallery, Creo Melbourne with long-time friend and collaborator Ewan Tremellen and together they’ve embarked on a journey of working on larger, more sculptural pieces.

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