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If you've ever looked at clouds and seen a face then you've experienced 'pareidolia' - it's the psychological phenomenon of seeing a non-existent face or object in everyday objects.

Baroque pearls can elicit the same response and here, the pearl was clearly destined to be a chicken, coyly looking over one shoulder. Modeled after the Hyline chicken, she has gold plumage, face & feet with pink sapphire eyes.

So whether you love the feathery friends for their personality, helpful garden antics, or of course, their eggs, chickens deserve their time in gold and in the light.

Avian Necklace - 9ctY Pearl Chicken with Sapphire


Baroque Fresh Water pearl with 9ct Yellow Gold details and natural pink sapphire eyes.

Dimensions: approx 16 x 20 x 10mm

The chain is an Italian made 9ct Yellow Gold 'wheat chain' & measures 45cm

The pendant can be purchased without the chain for $1500.

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