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A beautiful solitaire pearl pendant suspended on a sterling silver chain. This necklace is part of a suite of designs that celebrate the simple elegance of pearls and the versitility they can offer. The Freshwater Pearl is cradled within the pendant by a discrete rivet ehich holds it descretely in place.


Open Window is a collection of pearl jewellery that tells the story of positivity & change.

There’s something both comforting and revitalising about opening a window, it allows new air in from the outside and lets fresh ideas flow through the space. As with many of Victoria’s designs, it begins with one piece which is repeatedly referenced, in this case a ring made from a folded piece of silver - the kernel of the collection.

Each of these pieces allows for a space in which the pearl is nestled, a window within the design     that protects the delicate pearl surface. The progression of pieces can be mapped from the basic building blocks of a circle, square and arch - all other designs are a result of that first simple ring.

This is the time for new beginnings, to throw open the windows and doors and let the fresh air in.

Open Window Pearl Pendant


The Open Window Pendant displays a single, oval shaped fresh water pearl  of approx 5 x 3mm and hangs from silver trace chain, approx 50cm in length.

This necklace can be made to any length required. If the piece is for a gift then please choose the standard 50cm length & once received, the chain can be made in the correct length. (within 14 days of purchase).


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