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This Round Primary ring is a bold, Sterling Silver signet ring with a delightlful surprise. Featuring a gem from Agate Creek in Queensland, it wasn't until the final polish of the gem, that the image of a dog portrait was revealed. Agates are well known for their banding & inclusions that resemble tiny landscapes but in this case, the inclusions give the illusion of a canine friend. The natural soft transparent pink hues and vibrant pink 'nose' pays homage to one of our favorite family mambers.


The Primary Collection is a reduction of design back to its basic elements - square and round. In this collection you will see a distillation of shapes to reveal strong forms with some of the lesser known gemstones valued for their interesting patterns.

Round Primary Ring with Dog Portrait


Sterling Silver with tarnish-free Rhoduim plating.

Size: P, 8, 16

dimensions: 25 x 26 x 27mm,

weight: approx 25g

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