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Stella is a collection of silver & freshwater pearl jewellery that reminds us that strongest connections between people can be sparked by the smallest commonality.


The origin of its motif can be found by pressing 2 fingertips from each hand together & observing the space left between them .


The tiny star shape that emerges is delicate and calming - it allows us a pause in thought to appreciate a small moment in time. Sometimes it's not what's there but what remains that's important.


This pearl strand incorporates a graduated strand of pearls that has been reorganized to reference a constellation of stars. The silver clasp comproses of 2 concaved details, in contrast to the pearl's convex shapes.



Stella Pearl Strand


Signature Stella Sterling Silver clasp with a strand of white, 6-12mm fresh water pearls. The strand measures approx 47cm. The clasp is easy to fasten and is particulary suited to people who have difficulty with other, smaller clasps.

The Stella strands can be made to any length required which may alter the price. If the necklace is for a gift then please choose the standard 47cm length & once received, the strand can be remade in the correct length. (within 14 days of purchase).


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