I often make miniatures in order to remember a feeling. Just as a writer may add words to note pad, I carved a likeness to the bird that flew above me the same day it happened. It was a Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo and it affected me that morning because it seemed to represent a feeling that I couldn’t express in words. Magnificent melancholy.
The miniature stayed on my bench for a while as I waited for the right stone to match it with, surprisingly, it was a shell she'd been waiting for.
Sometimes objects come together in such a way that it's a wonder they were ever apart. They amplify one another and grant permission to be something other than expected.
This piece became the study for ‘The Call’, the larger bronze and stone sculpture. They both reference the cry of the YTBC and the marking of a time when the distance between people seemed unrecoverable.

The Call - Necklace