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The Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo represents the beginnings of my inquiry into “the subtleties of design and what it takes to go bigger” which was the brief for our exhibition, Scale Up.
These pieces are diary entries from an extraordinary year.

‘The Call Ring’ is the exhibition’s third tribute to the Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo. As with the sculpture and the pendant, it came after an encounter high above me. Witnessing this bird’s heavy fluid motion and wailing call is a memory in the highlight reel of this year.

A shift in focus had opened my eyes to these incredible birds and the change of perspective had highlighted something joyful that was there all along.


The Call - Ring


The fragility of this piece is part of its beauty but it may not be for everyone, or for every day. This is a romantic piece, a kind of love letter to a bird, or whoever brings you joy. The oxidised surface will eventually burnish back to silver with wear.

Exhibited as part of the exhibiton Scale Up shown at Creo Gallery in 2021

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