The Crow represents the beginnings of my inquiry into “the subtleties of design and what it takes to go bigger” which was the brief for our exhibition, Scale Up.
This piece is a diary entry from an extraordinary year.

‘The Observer Necklace’ was the very first piece carved for the exhibition. Just that day I’d stopped to watch a crow who was on her own, foraging near the train station. I was trying to calculate at what point our eyes would meet, is it when her head was on the side or was it more front on?

I’m not sure what I needed from locking eyes with a bird, perhaps with so many months of thwarted plans it was just nice to be fully engaged in the moment.
In addition to the warmth of the gold, an Australian sapphire 'wing' connects her to the land and a meteorite body to flight, adventure and discovery.

A shift in focus had opened my eyes to these incredible birds and the change of perspective had highlighted something joyful that was there all along.


The Observer - Necklace